“When I started using Myothon, I immediately noticed that the soreness that I normally experience after long runs was greatly diminished. After using Myothon for only a couple months, I got new personal best times in both an Olympic distance triathlon and a half-iron distance triathlon and placed 1st and 2nd overall, respectively. Myothon is helping me reach my true potential.”

Alysia Kern Lovgren, PhD
Founder, Catalyst 3 Coaching
USAT Certified Coach and All-American
NSCA Strength and Conditioning Specialist


“I have found that since using Myothon, I and the athletes I coach, have noticed improvements in performance. I am better able to push through pain and I am more alert during those long races or training sessions. If you are not using a high quality amino acid supplement during your races, you will never reach your true potential.”

Dr. Jeffery Banas
Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician
Superhuman Performance Coach
8 Time Ironman Triathlon Finisher


“I have recommended Myothon to most of my athletes to help prevent muscle breakdown
during or following hard and or long workouts. I like that it’s a rare nutritional product that does what it says it will do. Supplementing with a high quality, properly balanced amino acid blend is one of the most effective sports ergogenic
aids available to us.”

Duane Franks, MS
Head Coach, Trifiniti
USAT Level 2 Coach
All-American and Double Century Club Member



“I have tried numerous nutrition products for pre, during, and post workout and have never felt as good as I do with Myothon. Stamina is vital to both train and compete in triathlons, and Myothon has taken me to the next level. My body feels great, I feel faster and stronger, I recover more quickly, and have no digestive issues. I can 100% back this product to anyone competing in endurance events.”

Heather Dall
2012 X-terra National Championship Qualifier
Flatlander Tri Coaching
ITCA Certified Triathlon Coach



“Since I started using Myothon before and after each workout, I have seen my performance noticeably improve. I can train harder, swim faster and last longer. I am able to continuously surprise myself…and my training partners! I recommend it to any athlete who pushes the limits in training and keeps coming back for more.”

Jacki Hirsty
Head Coach, SwimSmart
Masters World Record Holder


ErikTest2 ” It has lived up to everything it claims; better recover,  increased endurance, better sleep, and the list goes on. I  am currently training 6  to 7 days per week sometimes  twice per day. I am including strength, metcons, skills,  intervals and to be honest I am trying to prove them  wrong, but simply CANNOT do it. This product is legit!! “


Erik Garcia
Crossfit athlete, triathlon coach
Redline Endurance, Triwod


ColinTest2“I quickly noticed the benefits of the product and am feeling stronger… If you are interested in faster recovery and improving your performance on race day, this product is for you”


Colin Cook
2x Ironman Kona Qualifier
Peak Triathlon Coaching
USAT and USAS Certified Coach


RobinTest2“It really allows me to train harder for longer periods of time and recover faster so I can get back to more hard training without over training.  The best part is the end result of faster or improved race times.”


Robin Sandos
Professional Triathlete
NJ State Sprint and Olympic Triathlon champion


AlexTest2I’m into my 2nd bottle of the Myothon™, and have started to use it with every workout now. The recovery benefits continue to amaze me, and I’m riding near or above my training personal best on a daily basis.”


Alex Barba


BrianTest2“I was surprised with how far I could physically push myself during the most intense parts of training. The most surprising thing, however, was how little soreness I felt after strength and conditioning immediately after and a day or two days after. Soreness was virtually unnoticeable” 

Brian Murphy
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competitor
Team Abusado


JamesTest2“I was amazed at how much my endurance increased and the length of time I was able to work out for. Results are what matter; it works so I’m going to stick with it!”




James Martin