The Monday Morning Roundup XXXII: the best way to address a muscle imbalance

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Old school trick from Dan John – the best way to address a muscle imbalance is to train imbalanced lifts

Whether it’s hitting a new pullup PR, locking in that collar choke or giving a firm handshake: you need this article

On the opposite extremity, the oft neglected body part that affects the mobility of everything else

We talk about physical aspects of performance a lot here, but what about the mental game?

Chances are, you do one of the top 4 most debilitating forms of training. Here’s what to do about it


Artificial sweeteners can help you cut some carbs, but will also cut a lot more in your gut flora

You might be lower carb than you think, especially if you’re training hard or happen to be a big fella

The pre-workout ingredient that actually leads to… better sleep?

A little history on why the agave nectar you see on the shelf is nothing like the traditional stuff

A slow cooker could be the best $20 you’ll ever spend on food prep. Eat clean, easy AND delicious with these 50 paleo recipes

Everything else

Can you lift so hard your grandchildren get yoked? Evidence of epigenetic effects of training found in mice

US Government set to systematically address one of the biggest threats to the human race – antibiotic resistance

What does it take to interrupt your sleep patterns? It could happen in the blink of an eye

Crossfit gals, this one’s for you. Everyone else, just keep moving there’s nothing to see here

Interested in tackling an obstacle race before winter? Here are 3 tips to get you through alive