Myothon is an essential amino acid formula made with the amino acids from the top medical manufacturers in the world. We are proud to say that our ingredients come from the same companies that produce amino acids for post-operative IVs in hospitals around the globe. The result is a premium amino acid supplement of the highest quality for athletes looking to get to the next level.

From world record holders to up and comers and everyone in between, Myothon™ is helping athletes get to the next level. But don’t take our word for it. See our testimonials below.

We make next level products for athletes who are training for the next level of performance.

We don’t make products for people who are happy putting time in at the gym every week. Whether you’re competing for the first time, looking to make waves in the local circuit, or making a run at the best in the world, you live in a world the average gym goer wouldn’t understand.

So why settle for average supplements?

You’re training for results, not working out for the beach. We make products to help you get those results. While other companies are happy to sell you products with the cheapest ingredients they can find, we source our materials from the top medical grade manufacturers in the world.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard, so we can help those that hold themselves to a higher standard.



Chris Bagg

During several 25-30 hour training weeks I noticed a subtle but powerful change in my recovery and energy for workouts

Chris Bagg / Athlete
Mark Brenwall

I just started using Myothon about 2 weeks ago and can already see a HUGE difference in my recovery time. I no longer wake up stiff and sore but instead, refreshed and ready for my next WOD at CrossFit Chiang Mai (CFCNX)

Mark Brenwall / Athlete
Joe Bauer

I was able to PR my 3 rep back squat at 395 pounds. During my time taking Myothon I have also PR’d my clean and jerk (280), and 3 rep snatch (205)

Joe Bauer / Crossfit Athlete
Celia Dubey

I have had the best season of my 13 year multisport racing career. And I believe I have to thank Myothon for that.

Celia Dubey / USA Triathalon & Multisport Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

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What's in Myothon?

The eight essential amino acids leucine, isoleucine, valine, lysine, tryptophan, phenylalanine, threonine, and methionine

It’s all Kosher, right? “Clean” stuff?

We take a strong stance on purity, the only ingredients are amino acids, and acutally yes, it is Kosher and Halal certified too! We don’t include any binding agents that affect size, disintegration rates, and the quantities of unnecessary components ingested. No carbohydrate sweeteners either (water retention can be as high as 4g for every gram of carbohydrate).

How quickly do you think will it take to see/feel a difference?

The in workout effects are present from the first time, it’s a matter of noticing them because they’re subtle compared to many sugar and caffeine based pre-workouts. The effects are more noticeable the harder the workout is. Where this product really shines is when you’re pushing up against your limits. Some athletes notice the first time, others it takes a few.

What results should I be looking out for when taking Myothon™?

Some things to look out for taking pre-workout: general intensity, muscular endurance, lactic acid threshold.Some things to look out for taking post-workout: Recovery compared to your baseline (mostly next day), mental and physical aspects, soreness, restedness, performance on next day workout.

What’s the bioavailablity of Myothon™?

Myothon™ is based on a formula designed to have a 99% Amino Acid Uptake rate. This means that 99% of the amino acids contained are available for protein biosynthesis in the body instead of being digested as carbohydrates.
Studies have shown that the Myothon™ formula reaches the bloodstream in under 30 minutes.

Is Myothon™ vegetarian/fat-free/sodium-free/sugar-free/yeast-free/gluten-free/soy-free/corn-free/wheat-free/rice-free/GMO-free/preservative-free/dairy-free/animal product-free?

The answer to all of these is a resounding yes. Myothon™ contains nothing but pure, non-animal origin, crystalline amino acids.

How does Myothon™ differ from BCAA supplements? What about other amino acids like glutamine?

There are 20 amino acids, 8 of which are considered essential because they need to be taken in from diet (3 of these are the BCAAs leucine, isoleucine and valine). The remaining 12 can be synthesized within the body from these eight (glutamine is one of these).The Myothon formula is a blend of all eight essential amino acids. A BCAA supplement contains 3 of the 8. The other 5 (methionine, lysine, phenylalanine, methionine and threonine) are all important in their own respects. But more importantly, with the 8 essential amino acids in place your body has the ability to manufacture any enzyme needed for metabolism. Having low levels of any of these can be metabolically rate limiting.

Is Myothon™ strictly a recovery product or can you use it for performance?

The product is actually for both. Taken as a pre-workout it delivers free-form amino acids into the bloodstream in an average of 20 minutes. This provides the building blocks for your muscles which are being broken down immediately. We’ve also seen consistent results with increasing the rate of lactic acid clearance. Technical mumbo-jumbo aside, we’ve gotten a consistent result from our athletes of feeling like you can push your body harder.

Does Myothon™ conflict with any other supplement I might take?

Generally speaking, Myothon™ can take the place of both amino acid supplements pre-workout and protein post workout. That being said, taking Myothon™ in addition to these will not affect you adversely and may even help out. The amino acid Valine (a large component of Myothon™) is critical for nitrogen balance in protein synthesis.

Essential amino acids are by definition a part of every human diet and do not interact adversely with any other supplements, vitamins, or foods.

Why doesn’t Myothon™ come in powder form?

Myothon™ was designed to optimize quality and purity, not taste. The unfortunate fact about top grade amino acids is that they don’t taste particularly good! In order to make a mixable powder palatable, we would have had to add a great deal of sweeteners (natural or otherwise) which would conflict with our purity.

Isn’t it easier to absorb powders?

The Myothon™ tablets are actually closer to powders than most of the tablets found on the market. Most capsules and vitamins contain binding and flow agents which essentially act as a mortar to hold the tablet together or help ingredients flow when filling a capsule. These binding and flow agents can make up 20%-30% of the tablet or capsule mass providing a significant amount of unnecessary materials and can contribute to lower digestibility rates associated with capsules vs. powders.Our process creates the tablets at a much higher pressure which keeps them together without the use of binding agents. Once they are in the body, they break down quickly into the pure powder because there are no binders present. This is one of the reasons Myothon™ is available in less than half an hour.

Is there any risk associated with taking too much Myothon?

No. Amino acids are not stored within the body, when there is a gross excess of amino acids in the bloodstream, they are converted into carbohydrate and urea in the liver through the process of gluconeogenesis (50-90% of the amino acids from most protein sources go through this process every time you eat). One dose of Myothon is roughly equivalent to a 5oz strip steak

Do I need to cycle Myothon?

No more than you need to cycle protein in your diet (that is to say, no!). Unlike many other supplements, essential amino acids are naturally present in any complete diet. Most non-vegans in the developed world have been on an ‘on’ cycle of essential amino acids since birth.

How do I know that the dosage is right for me?

Obviously there is a huge variance in the body’s need for amino acid depending on weight, intensity, sport, and diet among other things. The 5 before, 5 after dosing is a baseline that will provide measurable results for 80% of athletes but it may be necessary to tune up or down based on those results. We include a quick start guide with all shipments for alternative dosings

Are any of the ingredients banned by anti-doping agencies (USADA, WADA, etc)?

In a nutshell the answer is no, these are all components in a normal diet so it would be impossible to ban them without risking serious illness of athletes. We also have a short article about this here

Are there any negative possible side effects associated with your product?

By definition, the essential amino acids are all contained in some quantity in a complete human diet so we aren’t introducing anything new into anyone’s system. We have a super high quality product sourced from manufacturers that work primarily in medical amino acid supply so there is no contamination. And to top it off we use a special manufacturing process to eliminate the need for binding agents and other adulterants.