What Top Athletes Are Saying About Myothon


Alex Barba

I’m into my 2nd bottle of the Myothon™, and have started to use it with every workout now. The recovery benefits continue to amaze me, and I’m riding near or above my training personal best on a daily basis.

Alex Barba / Traithlete
Celia Dubey

I have had the best season of my 13 year multisport racing career. And I believe I have to thank Myothon for that.

Celia Dubey / Traithlete & coach
James M

I was amazed at how much my endurance increased and the length of time I was able to work out for. Results are what matter; it works so I’m going to stick with it!

James M / Bodybuilder
Alysia Lovgren

I immediately noticed that the soreness that I normally experience after long runs was greatly diminished.

Alysia Lovgren / Triathlete
Dr. Jeff Banas

If you are not using a high quality amino acid supplement during your races, you will never reach your true potential.

Dr. Jeff Banas / Sports Chiropractor & Performance Coach
Eric Garcia

I am including strength, metcons, skills, intervals and to be honest I am trying to prove them wrong, but simply CANNOT do it.

Eric Garcia / Crossfitter
Brian M

I was surprised with how far I could physically push myself during the most intense parts of training. The most surprising thing, however, was how little soreness I felt after strength and conditioning immediately after and a day or two days after. Soreness was virtually unnoticeable

Brian M / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competitor
Chris Bagg

I was surprised with how far I could physically push myself during the most intense parts of training. The most surprising thing, however, was how little soreness I felt after strength and conditioning immediately after and a day or two days after. Soreness was virtually unnoticeable

Chris Bagg / Triathlete
Colin Cook

If you are interested in faster recovery and improving your performance on race day, this product is for you

Colin Cook / Triathlete
Duane Franks

like that it’s a rare nutritional product that does what it says it will do.

Duane Franks / Triathlete
Heather Dall

I can 100% back this product to anyone competing in endurance events.

Heather Dall / Triathlete & Coach
Robin Sandos

It really allows me to train harder for longer periods of time and recover faster so I can get back to more hard training without over training.

Robin Sandos / USAT Level 1 Coach
Jacki Hirsty

I am able to continuously surprise myself…and my training partners!

Jacki Hirsty / World Master Swimmer & Coach
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What Amazon Customers Are Saying About Myothon

I’m trying to get back in shape before the spring. I’ve lost some weight by exercising and using supplements and now I am working on toning up and building muscle. Myothon BCAA by Vitality Sciences has been effective in helping me reach my goals. It helps with energy levels and endurance as well as with recovery. I do feel like I am able to workout for longer. I haven’t been as sore either. I prefer products free from fillers and made in the USA too.

Rachel H. / Amazon Customer

At age 60 I started taken Lagree Fitness classes on a device called a Megaformer. It involves a lot of deep leg lunges and it is a very intense whole body 45 minute workout. I took 5 Myothon tablets along with a Creatine powder in water about 30 minutes before the class and it greatly increased my stamina and endurance and I was able to not only keep up with the class, but do very well at it. In addition, I later heard about how people are sore after the classes due to working muscles they typically don’t work and the deep nature of the muscle workout. In retrospect I realize that I did not have that soreness that beginners had. I attribute that to the Myothon. I attribute some of my build-up of strength to the Creatine. I did not take Myothon after my workout. Instead I used 8 tablespoons of Almased (a protein meal-substitute, and 1 dose of One World Whey (another protein powder) and that gave me about 50 mg of protein which served as my breakfast. I highly recommend Myothon and I take it before my Lagree Fitness and yoga classes. I have been taken it for over 7 months now.

Daniel Grau / Amazon Customer
I have used this product in the past and loved it. I just started training for triathlons again so ordered right away. It helps me with recovery and decreased muscle soreness. Great for any kind of athletic training.
Sally Drake / Amazon Customer
Training in a fasted state, it’s optimal to take some BCAA’s beforehand to help with recovery during and after a workout. At least, according to quite a few articles around the internet. It may be placebo, not sure, but I’ve felt good during and after my morning workouts. The last BCAAs I had were powdered and kind of gross, so having these in pill form were a nice change of pace. I’d personally prefer fewer, larger pills but maybe there’s something with absorption rate I’m missing.
Alex Cue / Amazon Customer

I learned about Myothon from a triathlete friend who is also a scientist. So i decided to try it based on her recommendation and explanation about the proprietary amino acid blend that was not present in the BCAA’s I had been taking. I am in my early 60’s and typically train with cyclists and triathletes half my age. Intense training ‘short’ rides twice a week with longer rides on weekends. Typically 5 to 6 thousand miles annually. Recovery is critical for all of us, and has become more difficult for me as I age. Especially the last ten years. I seem to recover more quickly since I started using Myothon and feel I can maintain the intensity of my workouts and continue to seem improvement. I continued using Myothon during my winter trainer rides and workouts with a personal trainer twice a week. My first three solo rides since the beginning of daylight savings time have been very encouraging for this time of year. I am so looking forward to riding with the ‘kids’ this year 🙂

Harry J Ronan JR / Amazon Customer

I wanted to wait about a month before I reviewed this product, so this review is based on 1 month of consistently taking Myothon before and after Crossfit ( I go about 4-5 days a week). I also continued to have a protein shake after my workout even though it already has these Amino Acids… I figure you can’t have too many BCAAs and since I don’t eat meat or dairy it can only help.

Myothon has not only eliminated my muscle soreness, it has also improved all of my lifts and reduced my fatigue. I highly recommend this product to all athletes. It’s a little pricey but worth it! There are lots of other BCAA products out there, but most of the vegan products have soy and other garbage in them. This product is pretty clean and works great.

Catherine Camiolo / Amazon Customer

Finally a non-dairy source of BCAAs! It’s easy on my stomach, and I can literally feel it in my body after taking. This has been a great addition to my Soylent diet.

James Carroll / Amazon Customer
After using this product for a little over a week I can tell a big difference. I have so much more energy and life to me plus I noticed I can push myself further and it doesn’t take me near as long to recover like it used to. Before it would take 2 to 3 days after a hard workout for my body to recover enough to do it again and that took a tow on my workouts but after using this product I can get right back at it.I was fortunate enough to get a good discount on this product in exchange for my honest review and I will continue to buy it. There’s no GMO in this and it’s made in USA both great to know in a product. I recommend this product.
Ashton Hatfield / Amazon Customer