The Monday Morning Roundup V: Dehydration and performance issues and more

effects of dehydration on performance



Everything else

Crossfit as a Fight Club-esque parable for the plight of the modern middle class. Or something. (subtext: use of the word ‘atavistic’ in headers as a leading indicator of employment rates in Postgraduate humanities students)

Critique on the recent fitspo tagline – strong is the new skinny. Is it a step in the right direction or looksism in disguise?

Whether you’re running or lifting, beginner or elite, there is an app on this list for you (my personal favorite – sleep cycle). Men’s Fitness top fitness apps for 2014.

Do you like investment, comrade? Follow the lead of Goldman Sach’s Special Situation Groups to investing in health in Eastern Europe.

Triathlon may be distancing itself from Ironman in merry old England. But crossfit in the UK still strikes fear into the hearts of many