The Monday Morning Roundup XXXII: the best way to address a muscle imbalance

Performance Old school trick from Dan John – the best way to address a muscle imbalance is to train imbalanced lifts Whether it’s hitting a new pullup PR, locking in that collar choke or giving a firm handshake: you need this article On the opposite extremity, the oft neglected body part that affects the mobility […]

The Monday Morning Roundup XXVIII: Grunting in gym benefits and more

Performance Grunting in gym benefits: how doing your best Serena Williams impression could make you stronger Should you keep training through a cold? The experts weigh in on how to decide to train or recover Chill out, dude. This latest study shows that more stress = longer time to recover from training I wouldn’t say mobility […]

The Monday Morning Roundup XXVII: Beer after workout for recovery and more

Nutrition Beer after workout for recovery? Seven brave souls set out to find the truth behind the old booze hydration story T-nation also had their sights set on beer this week for whatever reason. The lifter’s guide to alcohol Everyone at the top is juicing (no, not that type). The two mistakes you could be making every time you […]

The (Tuesday) Morning Roundup XXVI: Time to improve in crossfit and more

Performance Time to improve in crossfit – but how much time? Another awesome data driven report from the guys at beyond the whiteboard The day after your handstand PR, the reality is sore wrists. Get back to training after following this advice You probably didn’t want to read the article from Argentina’s trainer anyways. How […]